ElectroSlam Dreams

A Call From an Old Friend

Mar 10, 2052

Constantine looked down at his commlink and noticed two messages. He quickly pushed the button for voice mail and heard a voice he was sure had high-tailed it out of Denver.

“Constantine, This is Spartan. I’ve been laying low since Lone Star put that warrant out for my arrest. Did you know those assholes listed a 10,000 nuyen reward for my capture. I think it should be at least 50,000. I heard you were looking for the case; I spoke to noggin and he says I still got an in if I help you find it. Give me a call.”

The second message was from Noggin, confirming Spartan was looking for work. Spartan was a bit of a hothead, but the dwarf knew his way around a fight. The more people he had on his side looking for it, the better.



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