Nix the Genie

Pair of Troll Bouncers of Turkish Descent


Connection: 2
Loyalty: 1

Contact: Constantine

Demeanor: Smoldering Volcano

Hangout(s): Club Chiaroscuro, Warren Pit Club

Knowledge: Gangs, UCAS Club scene, Pit Fighting
Services: Thug work

Description: Nix is fairly attractive for a troll, he is what they call a smooth skin. He has minimal calcium deposits and generally a normal complexion. His human parents had his horns surgically removed and additional cosmetic surgery to make him look more ‘human’. Because he no longer looked like a troll, he was ridiculed among the other orks and trolls. Nix disappeared to Turkey for several years and when he returned he had Bektashi Blessing tattooed on his face. Nix generally hates everyone, but is cordial to anyone of Turkish heritage.


Nix the Genie

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