A Ex-Lonestar Swat Sniper trying to find his way in his new life.


Clean cut man standing 6’1" with a military (Lonestar) style haircut. Dresses in Urban cammo covered by a greyish trenchcoat.


General notes : I will edit and fill out more later

Rank Combat Zone Poor.
Parents Parents are both living.
Family Status Family status is okay.
Childhood Spent in a safe Corporate Suburbia.
Siblings (2)
Twin sister feels neutral.
Younger brother dislikes you. (thinks I abandoned the family for military)

*Traits :
fussy (about time and schedules) and nervous (over-eager to prove himself)
*Person Valued Most :
Mentor (sniper who he served as spotter for years in military-taught him everything he knows as a sniper)
*Valued Most :
Honor (You keep your commitments, Never leave a team-mate down)
*Valued Possession:
A musical instrument (a harmonica?)
*Feeling about most people :
I like almost everyone (I try to see the best in everyone and make nice)

Age 16 Friend: Co-worker – Started working at Lone Star as a student intern. A Lone Star SWAT Sniper befriended the character and influenced his decision to join.
Age 17 Powerful Corporate Exec owes you one favor. – While working as an intern an practicing routine security procedures, a mitsahuma VP was target of an assassination attempt. Although not allowed to carry a weapon as an intern, the character shielded the executive taking several shots. Standard issue body armor (even for interns) saved the characters life and ensured his enrollment in Lone Star Academy (position of his choice-Snipper team)

Age 19 addiction (Stress of being a Lonestar Sniper lead to an addiction to Bliss)
Age 20 Enemy: Female booster gang member. Cause: Caused a physical disability.
Feelings: They hate you. (While enjoying some short time off, Johnny visits a local bar. He was under the influence of Bliss and got mixed up in a fight with a local gang [insert appropriate gang here]. His combat training did enable him
to stop the few that were attacking him at the moment. Unfortunately he nearly killed the woman-she recovered but was never the same.)
Age 21 Friend: An old enemy (
Age 22 Enemy: co-worker (his spotter). Cause: Caused the loss of a friend.
Feelings: You hate each other. (was responsible for his Mentor and trainer being dishonorably discharged from the force. – Johny thinks the “evidence” was false.)

A year after this incident Johnny resigned his post as a Lonestar officer.


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