Standard-Grade Boosted Reflexes

Generic Cyberware System


They’re a cheap substitute for wired reflexes, sure, but they still make you faster. For every level of boosted reflexes you have, you receive +1 to your Reaction attribute. You also get +1 kept dice for every two full levels you get implanted. The maximum level of Boosted Reflexes that can be taken is 3. Boosted reflexes are not compatible with any other augmentation that affects combat phases.

Rating 1: Essence Cost = 0.9; Availability = 3R; Cost = ¥20,000; Benefit of Note = +1 Reaction
Rating 2: Essence Cost = 1.8; Availability = 3R; Cost = ¥40,000; Benefit of Note = +1 Reaction, +1 Kept Dice
Rating 3: Essence Cost = 2.7; Availability = 3R; Cost = ¥60,000: Benefit of Note = +1 Reaction

Notes: Each rating must be implanted cumulatively in order to receive full benefits of +3 to Reaction; +1 kept die


Cyberware is the ultimategestaltofman and machine. And if technology is a representative index of the level of a civilization, cybertechnology presents a disturbing picture. It reflects a high level of knowledge and sophistication, harnessed to take mankind to the edge ofperfection-and a society that uses this perfection to kill.

With the right cyberware, one could be the fastest, stron- gest, and the deadliest. All it costs is humanity, and in 2052, that’s a fair trade to stay alive.

Standard-Grade Boosted Reflexes

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