Standard-Grade Reaction Enhancers

Generic Cyberware System


By replacing part of the spinal column with superconducting material, a character’s reaction time can be increased. Add the rating of reaction enhancers as dice to a character’s Combat Phase Die Roll. These dice give the benefit of allowing the character to roll more dice but does not affect the total number of dice kept in regards to the overall roll. Reaction enhancers are incompatible with most other Initiative-boosters, however, they can be combined with wired reflex systems.

Rating 1: Essence Cost = 0.5; Availability = 5R; Cost = ¥10,000; Benefit of Note = +1 Unkept Die
Rating 2: Essence Cost = 1; Availability = 8R; Cost = ¥30,000; Benefit of Note = +2 Unkept Die
Rating 3: Essence Cost = 1.5; Availability = 12R; Cost = ¥50,000; Benefit of Note = +3 Unkept Die


Cyberware is the ultimategestaltofman and machine. And if technology is a representative index of the level of a civilization, cybertechnology presents a disturbing picture. It reflects a high level of knowledge and sophistication, harnessed to take mankind to the edge ofperfection-and a society that uses this perfection to kill.

With the right cyberware, one could be the fastest, stron- gest, and the deadliest. All it costs is humanity, and in 2052, that’s a fair trade to stay alive.

Standard-Grade Reaction Enhancers

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