Standard-Grade Synaptic Booster

Generic Bioware System


With this bioware, the nerve cells making up the spinal cord are encouraged to replicate and lengthen, providing a wider “datapath” for the transmission of impulses and decreasing the amount of time required for the signal to traverse the distance. The booster confers a bonus of +1 Reaction and + 1 kept die per point of rating.

The synaptic booster cannot be combined with any other form of Initiative enhancement.

Rating 1: Essence Cost = 0.5; Availability = 6R; Cost = ¥100,000; Benefit of Note = +1 Reaction, +1 Kept Die
Rating 2: Essence Cost = 1; Availability = 12R; Cost = ¥200,000; Benefit of Note = +2 Reaction, +2 Kept Dice
Rating 3: Essence Cost = 1.5; Availability = 18R; Cost = ¥300,000; Benefit of Note = +3 Reaction, +3 Kept Dice


December 5, 2052 —GLOBAL: Bioware is released to the public market, gaining instant popularity.

Prior to that date bioware is strictly experimental and available to AAA corporate entities. However, a number of bioware specimens have made it to the streets of North America via the black market…or, they were purposely allowed to become available as part a a marketing test.

Bioware is subtler, more holistic, and less invasive than cyberware, at the cost of being substantially pricier. Instead of replacing body parts with machines, bioware augments the body’s own functions and integrates transplanted organs that function as natural features. The application of biotechnology is a tricky business, as the fine balance of homeostasis between the body’s organic systems must be maintained.

Standard-Grade Synaptic Booster

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