Wired Reflexes

Generic Standard-Grade Cyberware


This highly invasive operation implants a multitude of neural boosters and adrenalin stimulators in strategic locations all over the body, catapulting the patient into a whole new world where everything around her seems to move in slow motion. The system includes a trigger to turn the wired reflexes on and off (taking a Free Action). When activated, wired reflexes confer a bonus of +1 to Reaction and +1 kept die per point of rating. Wired reflexes cannot be combined with any other form of Initiative enhancement, except Reaction Enhancers.

Rating 1: Essence Cost = 2; Availability = 8R; Cost = ¥55,000;
Benefit of Note = +1 Reaction, +1 Kept Die

Rating 2: Essence Cost = 3; Availability = 12R; Cost = ¥165,000;
Benefit of Note +2 Reaction, +2 Kept Dice

Rating 3: Essence Cost = 5; Availability = 20R; Cost = ¥500,000;
Benefit of Note = +3 Reaction, +3 Kept Dice


Cyberware is the ultimategestaltofman and machine. And if technology is a representative index of the level of a civilization, cybertechnology presents a disturbing picture. It reflects a high level of knowledge and sophistication, harnessed to take mankind to the edge ofperfection-and a society that uses this perfection to kill.

With the right cyberware, one could be the fastest, strongest, and the deadliest. All it costs is humanity, and in 2052, that’s a fair trade to stay alive.

Wired Reflexes

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