ElectroSlam Dreams

In the Shadow of a Star

Encryption set……
-—-begin recording————

ok this is journal entry…23

It looks like all my work to infiltrate the Runners has finally paid off. heh INFILTRATE. I still sound like one of the damn Lone Star drones. That type of talk is going to get me killed if I keep it up. I am a Runner now, there is NO going back. I made contact with a local group of Runners. It is ironic that I do all this prep to find some and they approach me when I am scoring some Bliss at The Beta Club. Of all the dumb luck. Of course I was high so I didn’t try to see if they needed some help on a job or anything…. stupid rookie mistake. I have to stay away from that stuff or I will get myself shot… I was lucky enough to track them down with Manny’s help. I call one of the guys I met up with, I think I woke him up…at 9am?!? He wanted me to meet him at a club at 7pm, I believe. Thankfully I got some more intel that said they were having a meetup that morning at a coffee shop near the club.

At the coffee shop we meet up along with 2 additional runners. One looked a little green under the gills… ha like I look any different. We found out that this is a two part job, one “quick” one to score the cash for the second that will likely not score me any money. If I play it right it will set me up in this town as a legitimate (ha) runner. We all got our task to do and went our separate ways.

Now I am off to try and convince Frank that I need some info on Microtech for unimportant reasons that wont get him to start thinking of me as a runner. This double life is going to suck.

end recording———-



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