ElectroSlam Dreams

At the Day's End

Sunset paced has the individual sitting at his desk worked diligently on the titanium case in front of him. His normally expensive business suit was rumpled and his expensive Italian shoes had an abnormally large number of scuffs from kicking the furniture in the room. His bodyguards sat around the plasma trid watching the pirated Atzlan execution games, occasionally roaring at some bloody display on the screen.

“Damn it, Binary, how long is it going to take you?” Sunset’s tone was neither patient nor calm. He knew he had to secure its contents and there would be reprisals for his actions.

“I don’t know, it’s not an easy crack. Not to mention, this isn’t my area of expertise.” Binary swapped his screwdriver for his binary code reader, something he’s done to many times to count in the last 24 hours.

“You’ve been working on it for a week. I thought you could do this…”

“Maybe if you let me take this back to my flat. You’re bordering on paranoia here. What’s so important anyway?” Binary was mildly annoyed, but he knew sunset needed him. Besides, the money he made for this little job should set him up for at least six months.

Gunfire erupted somewhere downstairs causing all the occupants of the room to look at the reinforced door in concern. The five razors that were watching the trid now took defensive positions around the room, turning over furniture and spreading out through the large room. Binary looked up in concern as Sunset stepped behind him and the armored desk.

“Keep working, damn it.”

The gunfire died down and the razors waited anxiously, watching the door for any sign of intrusion. The room was quiet except for the muted broadcast of the trid and an occasional beep from Binary’s equipment. It felt to Sunset that an excessive amount of time had passed. He was wondering if his men downstairs had taken care of the problem when the door clicked and swung open. Simultaneously, the five razors opened up with automatic fire, peppering the front half of the room with everything from AP rounds to explosive rounds. Timed seemed to slow as the bullets ripped through the air. The armored door, only responded to the barrage by having its faux wood paneling ripped off as it continued to swing open, exposing the heavy metal underneath.

When the door finished its arc, and it appeared that no one was on the other side, the razors took the opportunity to reload their weapons. In the absence of gunfire, an elf walked in, unaffected by the metal storm that happened seconds before. His black hair, pulled back into a pony-tail, shone in the low light. His red-yellow eyes had a glint of amusement in them. In comparison to Sunset, his expensive suit was new and pressed, untouched by the dust floating around the entryway.

“Crucible!” Sunset’s surprise was cut short as one of his men finished reloading and renewed the barrage on the elf. True to their mark, the rounds tore through the light cloud of smoke that stood where the elf had been. The windows exploded inward as three individuals tumbled into the room, their outfits depicted your stereo-typical ninja from popular action trids. One of the ninjas came out of his roll with his Uzi III blasting in the direction of the razors, but his katana was in his other hand. His path brought him directly at Binary and the swipe meant to take off Binary’s heads met with no resistance, only slightly disturbing the image still sitting there smiling.

“Moron…” Binary bolted from behind a cabinet that had hid him in the dim light. He dove through the broken window to the fire escape. Two of the ninjas noted his flight, but decided to deal with the more immediate threat of the razors firing at them. Binary took on last look into the room, seeing smoke coalesce into the individual that Sunset had referred to as Crucible. He formed behind the razor that had shot him earlier, now distracted by the ninjas that had entered into the fray. Crucible reared up behind the razor, appear to gain a foot in height, and came down on the razorboy’s exposed neck, his elongated canines sinking easily in the flesh. Crucible began to shake his head from side to side, like a dog, ripping a huge chunk out of his victim’s neck. The razor tried vainly to cover the gaping wound that was now spilling his life blood, the look of horror on his face scared Binary into motion. Binary did not even to bother to look for Sunset, he ran down the fire escape three steps at a time, blowing chunks almost the entire way down.



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