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You looking to score some nuyen? The sprawl is ever changing, you need to be able to change with it. If you can’t adapt, you’ll end up drawing an ace, choomba. You look like you’re adaptable; like you can handle the change in the sprawl. If you’re looking to make some nuyen, I know someone who’s looking for new talent.

C’mon man, I’m just trying to help you make some easy nuyen. Dirtboy, bithead, razor, bagman, gato; I can use your skillz. You show some jacked skillz, spread some apple butter on right choombata, and deliver the paydata, and you can make some phat nuyen. I won’t sell you on some tailchaser like another thirdman. When you go with Tini Biggs, you go Bigg all the way. You looking to score some chrome? Maybe a new four-nickel? Well look no further, I got the connections to make your selections. You can be as fast as quicksilver, sly as the artic fox, hot as Maria Mercurial. You got the nuyen, I got your hardware.

Don’t be a wage slave to the sprawl choomba, the corp will chain you to the arco or keep you in the barrens with their puppet gangs. You think you’re gonna be the next glitterboy, that someone is going to ‘discover’ you and give you a big break. That’s just in the trids choomba. Pipe dreams to keep the breeders happy. The corps slot you with cheap warez that are suppose to make life easier, but it’s just a distraction to keep the breeders working. You can pull yourself out from all the gutter jumpers and wage slaves. There is a way to get back at the arcos, stick it to the man and make some nuyen on the side. The sprawl is changing; You just let Tini Biggs know when you want to be somebody, I’ll be waitin.


Word on the Street

The year is 2052. Amazing advances have been made in technology, man melds with machine and the fine lines that separate the ethical has been blurred with nuyen and convenience. Street clinics line are as common as stuffer shacks and what was once considered major surgery is now an out-patient procedure. The cycle of magic is waxing and the world is once again filled with wonder and awe. The powers of the cosmos beckon those who can pierce the veil into the astral. Other species have emerged with the magic; elves, dwarves, orks, and trolls have invaded society demanding equal rights and sparking a new racial war. Social lines have become more disparate. People are divided on a myriad of social inequalities. No longer is it just the poor versus the rich, now the chromed versus the awakened, the elves versus the orks, and the meat versus the digital wage unseen wars against each other.

Despite all this, life in the urban sprawl trudges on. Corporate entities wrestle more power from the governments for the people. Global warming is rampant, yet the government is powerless against the corporate courts and their extraterritoriality. Even the air is toxic in some cities and air quality warnings force the common wage slave to wear goggles and re-breathers. Gangers have taken over the slums, indifferent to the corporatized police force that refuses to patrol those dangerous streets. The neon glow of the world hides the problems and thump of the electroslam clubs drowns out the sobs. Life trudges ever on.

The City of Denver stands at the convergence of six nations. It stands as an example on how people can come together and make great advances in science, sorcery, and society. Known as the City of Compromise, Denver strives to be a shining beacon in this new age of Magic. Yet, among the towering corporate edifices a shining beacon will create deep shadows.

In the shadows

In the shadows of the corporate arcologies, life in Denver is the same as any other urban sprawl. To those that have fallen off the corporate ladder of success, Denver is known as the City of Shadows. The Treaty City is divided by huge walls that prevent the different nations from intermingling. Sector passes are required for admittance to each of the six nations. Where politics fail, nuyen will often get what you need. A specialized runner known as a Coyotes are often used to get across the borders.

Home Page

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